Surety Seminars
Surety Inspection Service
Continuing Education for
North Carolina Real Estate Brokers
Home Inspection for Real Estate Brokers
A 4-Hour Seminar Accredited by the
North Carolina Real Estate Commission

Review the provisions of the North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Act and the requirements of the act's Standards of Performance.

Enhance your understanding of an Inspection Report and learn the characteristics of a good report.

Learn how to prepare your clients for the inspection process and help them understand, evaluate and react to a home inspection.

Review your legal obligations as a licensed real estate broker, dealing with the condition of a property and home inspections.
Seminar Instructor
Jim Sullins, Owner
Surety Inspection Service
Next Seminar
January, 2012
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Early Bird                                            $40.00
After November 1st      $50.00
Pay at the Door                                       $55.00
(All fees include the $10 state certification fee)
Registration Fee
Licensed North Carolina Home Inspector
Registered HUD Inspector
InterNational Association of Certified Home Inspectors
Experience Includes 30-Year Veteran Homebuilder, Real Estate Broker, Modular/Manufactured Home Dealer,
North Carolina Licensed General Contractor